Ghana CCTLD Domain Registration

Ghana CCTLD Domain Registration

The guidelines for registering domains under the GH2-DOM (.gh) (top-level country domain for Ghana) are as follows

  • The domain administrator must be located in Ghana and the company of the domain administrator should have been registered in Ghana.
  • Company registration details are required for application.
  • Primary DNS for registered domain under .gh are encouraged to be in Ghana but not required and intended to help the development of Ghana’s telecommunication and Information technology infrastructure.
  • The domain should be more than three(3) characters. Eg. Exceptions are domains for school or academic institutions. Eg.
  • Domain names registered under the top-level .gh domains should be active within six months after registration.
  • Domains will generally be registered under these sub-domains: ie., ie., ie., ie.
  • The Cost for registering a domain under the top-level .gh for a year is $58.49=GHS 300*. This amount is also payable in cedis according to the prevailing exchange rate on the day of payment
  • For details on registration of premium domain names Please call +233(0)541-939-936 ,or Email:

MTN Mobile Money

+233 (0) 541-939-936

Usher Midley (Head of Billing Department)

Cost Per Year: $58.49=GHS 300*

Please Complete All Required Fields (*) And Submit Form

For more information or Support. Please call +233(0)541-939-936 ,or Email:

Domain Details

NB: Domain modification can only be done for Name Servers, or Contact Details. Not the Actual Primary Domain Name.

Provide Name Servers and Their Respective IP Addresses

Registrant Contact Details

Registrant Contact Details

NB: Years you choose should be relative to the amount you pay. Cost Per Year is $58.49 = GHS 300*
Mobile Money Number: 0541-939-936 :: Account Name: Usher Midley Cost Per Year: $58.49 = GHS 300*