Ghana CCTLD Domain Registration

Ghana CCTLD Domain Registration

The guidelines for registering domains under the GH2-DOM (.gh) (top-level country domain for Ghana) are as follows

  • The domain administrator must be located in Ghana and the company of the domain administrator should have been registered in Ghana.
  • Company registration details are required for application.
  • Primary DNS for registered domain under .gh are encouraged to be in Ghana but not required and intended to help the development of Ghana’s telecommunication and Information technology infrastructure.
  • The domain should be more than three(3) characters. Eg. Exceptions are domains for school or academic institutions. Eg.
  • Domain names registered under the top-level .gh domains should be active within six months after registration.
  • Domains will generally be registered under these sub-domains: ie., ie., ie., ie.
  • The Cost for registering a domain under the top-level .gh for a year is $58.49=GHS 300*. This amount is also payable in cedis according to the prevailing exchange rate on the day of payment
  • For details on registration of premium domain names Please call +233(0)541-939-936 ,or Email:

MTN Mobile Money

+233 (0) 541-939-936

Usher Midley (Head of Billing Department)

Cost Per Year: $58.49=GHS 300*

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For more information or Support. Please call +233(0)541-939-936 ,or Email:

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